All of the statistical information of Granada is in this section. In recent years, the population, migration and unemployment has increased. Also, we can to observe that the number of hospitals and bank offices rose and that the main agriculture is maize and olive trees. Granada is the perfect place for all of the senses and has many services to offer.

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external image 68170c39f81dfa78fc80798547860102.png

1) Population:

a) Total population. 234,325
b) Female/male population. 125,580 / 108,745
c) Percentage of population under 20 years old. 18.74 %
d) Percentage of population over 65 years old. 17.77 %
e) Population increase.
In this graph we can see like the population has increased.


2) Migration:

a) Foreign population. 15,203
b) Migrant population. 12,132
c) Immigrant population. 11,757


3) Economy:

a) Bank offices. 298
b) Main agriculture. Maize and olive grove - olive's oil

c) Investments on new industries. Not found.


4) Labour market.

a) Workforce.
b) Permanent contracts.
c) Unemployed female/male population. 11,843 / 11,519


5) Health.

a) Number of hospitals/health centers. 16
b) Number of surgeries or clinics.

Now create a graph for every section:

1. Population
Population's Graph

2. Migration
Migration's Graph

3. Economy

Economy's Graph