All of the informartion about the recent statistics of Granada is in this section. Here, the population has increased in the last years, and the migration as well. The main agriculture is maice and olive grove, and, the unemployment has increased

1) Population:

a) Total population. 234,325
b) Female/male population. 125,580 / 108,745
c) Percentage of population under 20 years old. 18.74 %
d) Percentage of population over 65 years old. 17.77 %

e) Population increase.
external image 68170c39f81dfa78fc80798547860102.png
external image 68170c39f81dfa78fc80798547860102.png

Fuente:Instituto Nacional de Estadística
Graph of the evolution of the population in Granada from 1920 to 2009.

2) Migration:

a) Foreign population. 15,203
b) Migrant population. 12,132
c) Immigrant population. 11,757


3) Economy:

a) Bank offices. 298
b) Main agriculture. Maize and olive grove - olive's oil
c) Investments on new industries. Not found


4) Labour market.

a) Workforce. 296,700
b) Permanent contracts.
c) Unemployed female/male population.
11,843 / 11,519


5) Health.

a) Number of hospitals/health centers. 16
b) Number of surgeries or clinics.


This graphs representate the population, migration and economy of Granada:

1. Population

graph population
Population's Graph
2. Migration
graph migration
Migration's Graph
3. Economy

graph economy
Economy's Graph